We always get the best travel tips from fellow travelers or, even better, the locals. Whether it’s where to find the best food, a hidden beach, a secret alleyway with a quaint coffee shop or the best day of the week to visit a certain museum. The best travel tips come from the people who’ve experienced a destination themselves. These tips always add something special to your travels. And this was the inspiration for creating Travel Dudes. Our Dudes and Dudettes provide valuable tips, inspiration and advice from their first-hand travel experiences.

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Travel Dudes is more than a travel blog. We are a global community of experienced travelers. We’re adventure seekers and experience fanatics, willing to dig deep to find the best travel tips to share with our community.

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Whether you’re looking for ways to save money for travel, tips for planning an extended backpacker trip, recommendations for different types of transport, how to find cheap flights or just need a bit of inspiration for where to visit next, we’ve got the tips for you.

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Travel Dudes is your ultimate travel guide. Inspiring you to visit unknown destinations, try new activities and push your limits on exciting adventures.

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best tropical destinations

Best Tropical Destinations to Visit

As soon as winter starts, you may start thinking of going to a tropical country. Here are some of the best tropical destinations to visit.
Railway station in Germany

Traveling in Europe: Rail Tickets and More

Traveling through Europe by train is a great way to explore the continent and it can be very cheap if you know how.
Christmas Market

Guide to Experiencing the Best of Christmas Around the World

From the best Christmas markets and light shows to hunt down, here’s where to go to get the ultimate Christmas experience...
Mountains to climb - Kilimanjaro

The Biggest Mountains to Climb Around the World

Here's a list of a few of the biggest mountains to climb around the world. Each attract adventurers for varied experiences.
traveling and working remotely

Tips for Traveling and Working Remotely

Being able to work online while traveling sounds like a dream to most people. Traveling and working remotely can be your reality, too...
Guide to volunteering abroad

The Complete Guide to Volunteering Abroad

Our guide to volunteering abroad is here to help you choose which volunteer program and organization is most suited to you.
Dawn in the Lofoten, Norway

Trending Destinations: Under the Radar Places to Travel to

Have you decided to travel next year? The year to collect more passport stamps than last year, and the year for even bigger and better adventures.
Sustainable camping tips

How to do Sustainable Camping

Here's a few top tips for sustainable camping and how to minimize damage to the environment when camping - from camping tips to eco equipment.
travel sponsorship, france

Tips to Help Get a Travel Sponsorship

It's very possible to secure a travel sponsorship for your dream holiday. Here are some great tips for getting started with sponsors.

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Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre, Italy

Looking for places to stay in Cinque Terre, Italy? Here's a full guide on places to stay, including the best Cinque Terre hotels.
Monterosso beach in Cinque Terre, Italy

Where to Find the Best Beaches in Cinque Terre, Italy

Known for its famous clusters of brightly coloured houses by the sea, the beaches in Cinque Terre, Italy are worth a visit.
ETIAS application process for visa-free travel in Europe

ETIAS Guide to Visa-Free Travel in Europe

A complete guide to the ETIAS application process for visa-free travel in Europe.

A Week in Barcelona | 7 Day Itinerary

A complete guide on how to spend a week in Barcelona, seeing all of the best landmarks, neighbourhoods, and beaches in town!
Purling Brook Falls near Gold Coast in Australia.

Places to Visit Near Gold Coast, Australia

There are many incredible places to visit near Gold Coast, Australia. Here are our top five places, including waterfalls and national parks.
Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa

Where to Stay in Sardinia, Italy

A complete guide on where to stay in Sardinia, Italy. Including accommodation in North and South Sardinia.
Healthy food in Vietnam

Healthy Food in Vietnam: Tofu & Tao Pho

Looking for healthy food in Vietnam? Make sure to try out the tofu and Tao Pho that are both easily available in Vietnam markets.
Best beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia in Italy is a top year round tourist destination. Here are some of the best beaches in Sardinia including hotels on the beach!
Cloisters St Jerome Monastery image by Lisbon with Pats

Not to Miss Experiences in Lisbon

There’s so many facets to Lisbon that I am sure you’ll be amazed at its diversity and unique beauty. Here are top experiences in Lisbon.

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