Are you looking for a nice cafe in Vienna?

I have a special need to write about one of the most amazing coffeetimes I`ve ever had on my trips. It was simply a “Glorious” experience and I will tell you why.

It all began in Vienna when I was delighted to go with my husband in the Schönbrunn Palace: the summer palace that belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy. This place may also deserve an entire written tip, however, I will mention it right here.

This palace is a one-day trip, with enough activities for everyone: from an art museum to a giant pine labyrinth where you can get lost and found. The views are just unimaginable in every angle you turn your face to. You can be here by yourself, making some sports, on a family trip, with your kids…you have enough for everyone`s taste.

Opens daily from 8:30am to 5:00pm, even holidays!

And what I would recommend since there`s a lot to see that`s worth it, is to buy a combined ticket called “Classic Pass” (18 euros) that includes 4 attractions, even the entire tour inside the palace where you can get to see every room, furniture and use that Habsburg Monarchy gave to every spot. I even stood up right in the very same room where Mozart gave his first concert at the age of 6 years for the empress…really something to me!

After a perfect day in heavenly Schönbrunn (…yes, it feels like heaven), you just need to do one last thing before you leave and THIS is my tip today:

Visit “The Gloriette” on the top of the hill!

This is a spot that the empress asked to be build for her to spend some afternoons, whenever she wanted to get a bit away from the palace.  When you arrive to The Gloriette, enter it`s coffeeshop, sit back, relax and ask for a fine coffee or red tea in a glass, with the most glorious little cake called “The Sisi`s-Cupcake”, in honour to the Habsburg empress Elizabeth, well known as Sisi.

It is not only a cake I can assure.

This cupcake was totally mouth-watering. When I saw the cake coming it just looked really nice, but then…It was love at first bite.

I repeat: heavenly Habsburg experience!

Taking this coffee, in this place, with a perfect view of dusk illuminating the palace`s perfectly symmetrical gardens and a view of Vienna on the background of my sight, was certainly the cherry on the top of my day … just like the Gloriette on the top of that memorable hill.

I hope you can get to experience this once in your life. Just for the cupcake or just for the feeling overall.

This was the best coffeetime experience I`ve had so far!

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