Planning on going to Asia for the next adventure?

You should try visiting Malaysia or you will miss the ultimate travel experience of your life! With so many incredible places to visit in Malaysia!

Malaysia is the place where you can find your wildest travel dreams. Plus, it is cheap to travel here. Imagine having the best experience while only paying for a small cost. Nothing compares to the leisure you’ll feel while you’re in Malaysia.

With its varied tourist destinations, you will never regret choosing Malaysia as you next travel destination.

Top Places to Visit in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

A lot of tourist attractions are situated in Malaysia, most especially in peninsular area of the country. Starting off with the country’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The famous Petronas Twin Towers which stands at a height of 452 meters are known as the most sought tourist destination in Malaysia. With its majestic look during the day, and a dazzling one during the night, this 88-storey twin structure is known for succeeding in showing off the past and future of Malaysia.

Aside from the Petronas Twin Towers, there are other places that could give you the experience you’ll never have. Chinatown, which shows the multicultural background of Malaysia is the place for buying Chinese goods and herbs and even imitation goods, can be also found in Kuala Lumpur.

Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Petronas Twin Towers

Stadthuys in Melacca

If you want to see another face of Malaysia, try visiting Stadthuys (aka the Red Square) in the heart of Melacca City, which is the capital of the Malacca state in the south of Peninsular Malaysia. Stadthuys is an old Dutch word referring to City Hall, and indeed, Stadthuys is a reconstructed old Dutch building that was once used as a city hall for public gatherings. Aside from the name Stadthuys, these wonderful red buildings are also called the Dutch Square. Join a historical tour of the area to learn more.

Stadthuys in Melacca in Malaysia
Stadthuys in Melacca


When you travel, an opportunity to enjoy nature should never be missed. It is great to see nature in another perspective. There is an island called Langkawi – one of the best places to visit in Malaysia. This small island is also referred to the Jewel of Kedah. Here, visitors can find stunning coastline that overlooks the beautiful Andaman Sea. Aside from these spectacular views of the island, a long line of tax-free shops also awaits for you. You can buy your souvenirs and chocolates here at such a low price. Lastly, the island of Langkawi also features historical places like Makam Mahsuri, Telaga Tujuh, and Beras Terbakar.

Places to visit in Malaysia - Lankawi

Taman Negara

Another offering of nature can be found in Pahang, Malaysia, the famous Taman Negara. This natural attraction makes every visitor a part of the tropical life in the rainforest, which is surely exciting. The 130 million years old virgin rainforest is known as the oldest rainforest in the world. If you are an adventurous traveller, then this is the best place for you to have fun and enjoy outdoor activities and to add some exciting experience to your trip!

Places to visit in Malaysia - Taman Negara
The rain forest of Taman Negara

Johor Bahru

If you are someone who loves to have fun in a cute way, you should unleash the child in you and visit different theme parks in Malaysia! There is LEGOLAND Malaysia, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Angry Birds Activity Park, and many more! 

Legoland in Malaysia
Legoland in Malaysia

So what are you waiting for?

With these places and many other places not just in Peninsular Malaysia, but also in other regions of the country, you will definitely have the greatest trip.


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